The Story

The story of the bookmark is a story of blessing.

Pray for our troops (Picture of FRONT and BACK of bookmark)

My friend Joyce called one day to ask for prayer for her son-in-law who was going to be deployed to Afghanistan.  She was telling me about him putting on his armor, and I immediately thought, and said, “Tell him not to forget to put on his spiritual armor too.”

I was referring to the Christian belief that , as it says in Ephesians 6:11-18, we have armor that, though invisible, protects us mightily.

Then, my friend Sally brought in to our Bible study, a cartoon bookmark of a woman putting on her spiritual armor as she was getting out of bed in the morning–a complete coincidence.

I asked Sally if she could please do me a bookmark with a soldier on it. She did a paunchy guy, and I said, “No, I mean a solider–you know, buff. Think Arnie, think Hercules.”

She does all this without a computer–the old-fashioned way, so she tried again. The result was what you see here.

I printed up a few thousand and started asking people to donate to the cause, so I could keep them in supply. I decided to give Sally 80% of all the donations, and keep the 20% to keep up production. Sally has an autistic son, Jeremy, who has multiple other problems, and she needs special food for him. She uses the bookmark income to buy that food.

To this day, I have never talked with anyone who doesn’t want to pray for our troops and their support has included sending these bookmarks in packages to troops, carrying the bookmark in the Chicago Marathon, distributing the bookmarks at their businesses, and just getting a few to pass out to friends and family.

Won’t you become a part of this blessing? Please click on The Bookmark to order. We ask for a donation, and some have made donations without even getting the bookmark. Either way, we will continue to do this, and continue to feel privileged to bless you, the troops, their families, and all who believe in prayer.

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…because we all want them home safe.